Childhood Obesity: The Issues Concerning Prevention and Solution

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In recent years since the 1970s, childhood obesity has slowly emerged as one of the most troubling issues faced by parents. Children began to lose interest in outdoor activities, preferring to stay at home and play video games or surf the internet. Since they don’t leave the confines of their homes, they started to discover the wonders of fast food and junk food. With no exercise and an unbalanced diet, children slowly became overweight and became more prone into contracting serious and debilitating diseases. This paper examines why it is very hard to find a definite solution to the problem of childhood obesity and with the environment the new generation have today, it contributes to their otherwise inactive lifestyle.

The Causes
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The environment also contributed to the change in the children as for the past three decades; the environment was able to provide an alternative for those who cannot cook and for those on the go. Parents would choose to dine out or take out foods that are rich in carbohydrates and calories that may then affect the children’s taste buds. Other influential factors such as peers, markets and even mass media also influences children to follow the trends to fit in. They manage to note that the term childhood obesity depends on the location as they may have different notions on the concept of obesity (Anderson & Butcher, 2006). Of course childhood obesity can be dangerous if it is not avoided. The World Health Organization (2000) released a list of risks involved when it comes to the problem of childhood obesity. Children may be prone to contracting problems such as hypertension, heart complications and certain strains of cancers that may prove to be incurable if not tended to at once. There are also chances of contracting non-communicable diseases such as diabetes mellitus due to the excess abdominal fat in the body. Should the child be from a developing or third-world country where cures cannot easily be available or provided; the chances of survival would be reduced significantly. Most of the data about childhood obesity and possible cures and prevention

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