Childhood Obesity and Type II Diabetes

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This is particularly serious for youth, who now have a more sedentary life than any previous generation.

From a public health perspective, the consequences of this are a clear epidemic of obesity, defined typically as a condition in which excess weight or body fat contributes to potentially negative effects for the person There are also numerous health risks; heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, arthritis, diabetes (most especially those overweight), and numerous other aches and pains that keep Americans out of work costing America over $80 billion dollars, or almost 10% of all medical expenditures
Childhood obesity is becoming epidemic in the developed world, and is a condition in which excess body fat negatively affects a child's health. There are a number of effects this has on children, so many that it has become a public health concern that has reached national proportions
Unlike other illnesses, obesity in children is a direct result of eating too much food, eating the wrong kinds of food, and a more sedentary lifestyle. The typical diet for children today is oriented towards highly refined flours and sugars, sugary sodas and energy drinks, and snack foods that may be quick but have little nutritional value in the long run. When this is combined with a lack of exercise due to playing…

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