Childhood Of A Zambian Farm Family

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In a typical Zambian farm family their life revolves around usually crop production, livestock and fishing. The men often times go out to do the work on the farm, as the women stay behind and care for the children, and elders. Many women sometimes also carry out sustenance farming. They also may rely on local crafts, such as basket weaving and pottery, for a source of income. A typical family in Zambia consists of about 7 people per household if men are the head of the family. However households that are led by women have about 5 people. However numbers can vary between households anywhere from 1-40 people. Another factor that is also normal in the everyday life of a Zambian is that most have between 1-3 orphans. It is not very common to get an education in Zambia either. In a survey that was previously done out of 4,471 children aged 6 to 18 years old roughly 21% have never even attended school. There are 3 different bisectors for school. It starts with primary school which is grade 1-7. Following that they move onto basic school which consists of grade 8-9. Lastly, there is secondary school from grades 10-12. Most areas in Zambia however don’t even have a secondary school. Higher education in Zambia has increased as the choices for private universities have dramatically gone up. There are 13 different universities in Zambia also various nursing schools. Households in Zambia are also drastically food insecure. Most Zambian diets consist of multiple cereals, predominately…
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