Childhood Psychosis Through Autopsy : The National Society For Autistic Children

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Childhood psychosis through autopsy
The National Society for Autistic Children (NSAC) have recently determined that autopsies from children who have recently passed may shed light on the cause of schizophrenia in children. The infrequency of childhood deaths of those with schizophrenia makes this research that more difficult. There are ethical and legal issue to deal with, the parents need to sign off on this procedure to help other children dealing with the same issue, and training those performing the autopsy to be able to view the certain brain structures that are affect by this disorder, are some major concerns in the movement forward. Medical history must be obtained, interviews with family members, teachers, friends and the daily interactions must all be reviewed before performing an autopsy. These researchers need to know the day to day life, symptoms, motor and cognitive skills in order to know what areas to examine (Schopler, 1976).
Prevention and Treatment
One main preventative measure in the treatment of psychosis in children is to identify those who are at risk, looking at family history, environment those children are living in, and symptoms already expressing. Early prevention and treatment for these children and family members with help in the long run with stress control on all parties involved. Other preventative measures include better prenatal care, vaccinations for mothers who are expecting to become pregnant or already are, in order to cut down on…
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