Childhood Safety Regulations

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Think about and comment on how child and adolescent safety regulations have changed over the past few decades. Safety regulations have changed so much over the years. The different things that have changed so much is child safety seats, bicycle safety laws, the age that a child can be left alone by themselves, and swimming safety. These were not that big of a deal or a problem in the past years. When my parents, were younger there was no seatbelts in cars. They told me that the seats they were in when they were little has changed a lot in the years compared to what we have today. But everything is getting better and better for young children. In today’s world, we have lots of rules that tell us what we can and can’t do, like the all the warning…show more content…
In other words, you will have one unique statistic for each of the three stages. Bike riding is one thing every child looks forward to during the summer as well as riding them to school. When I was, younger and rode my bike, I could ride till it started to get dark out, then I had to go home and put my bike away. I didn’t have to have a helmet on when I rode my bike around, today children must have helmets so they don’t fall and bust their heads open. A bike needs to have the regulation reflectors on the front and back so people can see you if you are riding in the dark. Also, you could ride your bike on the sidewalk to be safe, but now you must ride in the bike zone. “Children fifteen and younger are the ones accounted for nine percent of all the pedal cyclists killed and the twenty percent of all the ones that are injured in traffic crashes in 2012” (U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,…show more content…
When I was a child you weren’t allowed to be left in the car alone till you were at least ten years old. The windows were always left open if I was left in the car while my mom ran into the store. I wasn’t allowed to start staying home alone till I was twelve or thirteen and I had to stay in the house with the doors locked and not answer or open the door for anyone no matter what. Now in some cases some kids had to be a lot older to be left alone because they were not mature enough to handle following the rules of being home alone. Today all you hear about now are kids left and right, a lot of them babies being left in hot cars while the parent runs into the store and them dying from the heat. Also with the many pedophiles in neighborhoods now, the kidnapping, and robbing of houses cases happening, many parents don’t feel safe leaving even there teenagers home
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