Childhood Sexual Abuse Essay

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Introduction In recent years, due to the church sex abuse scandal, childhood sexual abuse has become one of the most highly publicized crimes in the United States. Unfortunately, despite this newfound interest in the scandalous topic of abuse, incest and more common sexual abuse cases involving family continue to be overlooked by society and the media. Understandably, intra-familial sexual abuse is a delicate and complex subject to acknowledge and dissect. Yet, by ignoring the subject entirely, we are doing a great disservice to the victims that have to actually endure these atrocious crimes and stay silent in fear. Furthermore, in choosing to not acknowledge that children are more likely be abused by a family member than by a stranger,…show more content…
In particular, however, she admits to developing the closest bond with her father (George), whom she deeply idolized and revered as a child. Unlike her siblings, Catherine had a special bond with her father due to their mutual love for the piano. Indeed, a majority of her young life was spent gleefully practicing classical pieces with her father and performing them in front of the rest of the family. Additionally, in the beginning, as any daughter would, Catherine loved and trusted “Daddy” unconditionally. In return, her father treated Catherine like a princess and obsessively doted upon her with lavish presents as well as his undivided attention. From Catherine’s young perspective, Daddy’s behavior seemed innocent and well-meaning. As daddy’s little girl, she also steadfastly viewed him as being the personification of the perfect parent. Regrettably, Catherine’s relationship with her father drastically altered after she turned six-years-old. Within days of entering first grade, George began trying to play “doctor” with her. On one particularly vivid occasion, Catherine recalls sitting on the piano bench with her father and playing music from Peter Pan. Although the encounter started off innocently enough, both Catherine and her father were scantily clad in just their underwear. After the rest of the family settled in for the night, George
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