Childhood Sexual Abuse Is A Global Issue

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Childhood sexual abuse is a global issue that has multiple outcomes of dysfunction that an adult may display due to previous experience. There is evidence supporting the magnitude of problems that a CSA surviving adult may go through especially if critical periods of development have been altered because of trauma. The negative effects are psychologically, physically, behaviorally and interpersonally harmful to the victim’s overall health. With continued research and bringing an awareness to the problem that child sexual abuse is more common than we think and its implications that there are increased relationship hardships such as chronic dissatisfaction, abandonment issues, intimacy avoidance and couples distress. Highlighting how this…show more content…
There are some individuals that are resilient to the previous trauma knowing that the perpetrator was at fault and are able to proceed through life normally. Where there are others that are deeply affected by the traumatic event that may develop psychological issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety (Nelson Goff, B. S., Irwin, L., Cox, M., Devine, S., Summers, K., & Schmitz, A., 2014). PTSD is a clinical disorder that most individuals will experience after such trauma these symptoms are sleep deprivation, memory loss, problems with maintaining concentration, intimacy and sexual disorders (Zwickl, S., & Merriman, G., 2011). Victims may have thoughts of intrusion or flashbacks of the traumatic experience. These intrusions can be triggered by multiple stimuli which can have the person relive the same event repeatedly (Cobia, D. C., Sobansky, R. R., & Ingram, M., 2004). One defense mechanism called numbing a person may use to stop the mind from replaying these thoughts by blocking out the event like it didn’t happen. Internalizing these symptoms of PTSD can bring about feelings of withdraw or increased anxiousness when an intimate moment presents itself (Feiring, C., Simon, V. A., Cleland, C. M., & Barrett, E. P., 2013). Those who have experienced CSA are highly likely to avoid being emotionally close making intimacy even more farfetched (Lamoureux, B. E., Palmieri, P. A., Jackson, A. P., & Hobfoll, S. E., 2012). When a person is ready to be
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