Childhood Skate Boarder

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I am arguable the most famous skate boarder in the world. I landed the 900 during the X games, and i’ll tell you more about that later. If you haven’t already figured out who i am, i’m tony hawk aka the birdman. I was born may 12, 1968 in carlsbad california. I have one brother named steve, two sister, patricia, and lenore. And my mom, nancy, and my dad frank. When i was about nine my brother steve let me ride his board and later gave it to me. That day when steve let me ride his board i fell in love. I picked up skateboarding very quickly. By the time i was 14 i was skating pro contests. The funny thing is that all i did to become pro was check the pro box instead checking amatuer. After that i was skating pro, and by the time i turned 16 i was widely regarded as the best…show more content…
My company blew up as a result of this, and in 1998, me and my family started a children's skate clothing company called hawk clothing. Then probably the most defining moment of my career happened at the 1999 X games, after 10 attempts and way past the time i was allotted, i landed twice on my board but both times it shot out from under me. The next attempt i landed barely holding on. That day i placed 1st for best trick. The trick shouldn’t have counted but because the crowd was cheering me on so i kept trying. When i asked the judges they said it counted because “they make the rules as they go”. If i hadn’t of landed that trick that day. My career may have been completely different. I’m 48 years old and i can still land 900’s. I have defined the era skateboarding and have impacted many different community with my charity that brings skate parks to cities that might not be able to afford them to build them. I helped donate money build, and was there when the ann arbor skatepark opened. With this charity i hope to get kids off the streets, and get their minds off things. Skateboarding makes me happy and i want to spread this joy to many
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