Childhood Social Development Is Important Aspect

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Childhood social development is important aspect that impacts a child life early on, it helps them grow and communicate better in life. Socializing is always a good thing to do having your child interact with other kids helps them have a better self-esteem and helps them figure out who exactly they are. Exposing your child to socialization can be as easy as taking your child to the park, scheduling a play date, having them join a team sport or enrolling them in a head start school. In the early stages of child hood, ages three to eight, head start schools benefit children before they can even start a regular schooling program starting socialization so early in a child’s life helps them develop certain things faster then most children. For example a child will learn how to interact with other children who he or she is not used to interacting with, this helps build relationships with people other then family members. When children play together it helps the child develop certain social skills such as playing and taking turns with other children, as children play it also helps them develop other physical skills such as running, kicking, climbing and jumping. “Play also helps build relationships between a child and his parents, caregiver, and teacher.”1 Playing with other children helps the child share and respect the opinion of other classmates, interacting with other adults helps the child develop a respect for other adults that are not parents or family members this also
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