Childhood Speech Of Apraxia Of Speech

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Childhood speech of apraxia is a condition that affects the muscles that are used in speech production. It, therefore, means that a person with this condition has speech problems and communicating with others is big challenge for such a person. The research looks at a kindergarten child who has this condition and the challenges that he goes through. It also looks at some of the signs of this condition and how it can be remediated both at home and at school. The research has gone further and looked at some of the reasons that make it necessary for this boy to be referred. It is the belief of the researcher that with the right knowledge, those affected by this condition will take the necessary steps that will help them find a solution to this condition.

Childhood Apraxia of speech is a relatively new speech condition that affects a very small number of children. It is, therefore, not easy to identity it or diagnoses it if one is not keen. It should be noted that this is a speech problem where the muscles that are involved in the production of sound are unable to move in the expected manner and in the expected speed. The person with this condition will have problems pronouncing some words and in some situations he may not be able to pronounce the longer words. This condition is quite different from stammering and stuttering in that here it is the speech muscles that have problems. The paper looks at this condition in details, the signs and symptoms, how…
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