Childhood Teacher 's Most Important Role For The Expectations Of Our Society

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Early childhood teacher’s most important role is helping young children learn how to apply rules and response to the expectations of our society. Preschool children are continuously learning what is and what is not acceptable; some of those signals come from how the teacher reacts to their behaviors. Therefore, teachers must be taught when and how to respond to undesired behaviors. Area of Focus: Retaining highly qualified teachers; while, dealing with misbehaviors and learning how to apply a variety of techniques. I believe that one of the problems with managing behaviors in preschool classrooms is teachers coming out of college are not given the necessary tools needed to combat or challenge these behaviors. Some of the techniques and guidance’s, I will use come from theories in behavioral and humanistic approach. The one constant factor in whatever theories chosen is that teachers must understand that behavior is learned; as a child reacts to the environment and the people in it. Explanation of Problem: Teachers are leaving the early childcare field at an alarming rate, due to the misbehavior of the students. In my program the federal government has issued new Performance Standards that prohibit childcare programs from sending children home because of undesired behavior. In most cases the only form of discipline is redirection; but this approach does not always work. The teachers feel like the students are given support, but they are left to endure humiliating abuse
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