Childhood: The Happiest Time of a Persons Life, or Not?

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"Is Childhood the Happiest Time of a Person's Life?" Psychology is the study of the operation, development, and disorders of human mental processes. In simple words it is the science of human thinking and behavior. The word psychology originated from the ancient Greek words “psyche” which means soul and “logos” which means science. (, n.d.) It literally means the science of the soul. Psychology has diverse disciplines which are closely related to all aspects of life, and look at humans as a whole unit. Sociology is the science of social life components of individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions such as family, school, and church. The word sociology originates from the components of the Latin word “socius” which means company or companion and the Greek word “logos” which means science. (, n.d.) Sociologists study the social behaviors among people within religious, political or economic organizations. They examine the characteristics of a social group, organization or institution and they analyze the effect of group activities on the individual participants and the individual’s effect on the group. The areas of sociology include family, education, minorities, religion, politics housing, crime, social issues of mental health and environment. Many changes in development occur during childhood. The three focus areas are physical, cognitive and social-emotional development. These three areas are different but they

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