Childhood Through Adolescence All The Way Through Adulthood

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According to the text Lifespan Development written by Denise Boyd, Paul Johnson and Helen Bee (2015), cognitive development is memory, attention, categorization, and problem solving from childhood through adolescence all the way through adulthood. To comprehend an individual’s cognitive development stage a few experiments can be done, depending on the individual’s age. For my cognitive development observation, I focused on my little cousin Connor, who is a male, and who is exactly eleven and a half months. I conducted my experiment on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015, and choose option “A”, objective permanence and self-recognition, because of Connors age. I conducted my observation in Connors home, on the living room floor. To complete tasks one to five, I used a car toy, a cardboard box, a kitchen table, and two very different types of blankets. Before conducting my observation, I wrote down possible outcomes that I thought Connor would do for the different tests. For test number one, I wrote down that Connor would look for the car toy behind the cardboard box. For test number two, I hypothesized that Connor would not look for the car toy, and focus his attention elsewhere. For test number three and test number four, I hypothesized that Connor would touch the top of the blanket, but not actually look underneath to try and find the car toy. Lastly, for test number five, I hypothesized that Connor would not give any attention to the object since there would be three objects
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