Childhood To Adulthood: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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What was the development of Anne frank to an Adult? Because Anne franks life was ended short she was growing up as an Adult through the whole Holocaust. Inside the attic is where she grew up. Anne Frank was hiding away from holocaust in an attic, These major events cause a ton of character development with Anne from Childhood to Adulthood, "The Diary of Anne Frank" By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. The Author came out with a strong out look on the situation of Anne Franks Development. Anne Frank was a little girl who lived in Amsterdam with her Father, they lived a normal life until the Holocaust took place and for forced Anne into hiding. Sadly the Nazis found out about the Franks hiding and who they were staying with, Otto Frank was they only one who survived. Anne Frank knew that she would even be living a sad and scary life. "Anne’s Voice. I expect I should be describing what it feels like to go into hiding. But I really don’t know yet myself. I only know it’s funny never to be able to go outdoors . .…show more content…
Because Anne Frank was hiding from the Nazis in an attic she was given a list of rules like making zero noise through out the day. Even if Anne Frank was in such a stressful situation she still made everyone happy,"Anne (singing). “Oh, Hanukkah! Oh, Hanukkah! The sweet . . .celebration . . . ” (As she goes on singing, the others gradually join in, their voices still shaking with fear. Mrs. Van Daan sobs as she sings.)"(By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett page 325) Most kids these days would hid and cry when conflict this bad occurs but instead she stepped up and sang rather than crying. This little girl stepped up and made everyone happy and acted like a true leader, she acted very mature. How did Anne Frank grow fun the holocaust. Not only is she given responsibility but is also acting like a leader.I want everyone to read they story of Anne Frank for its a story in real
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