Childhood Trauma Has Life Long Effect On Genes And The Brain

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Childhood trauma has life-long effect on genes and the brain. (Web. 9 May 2016) It’s a growing issue throughout the world. A lot of abuse can and does scar a person physically and/or emotionally for life. Child abuse needs to be recognized more than it is. It’s something that should not go unnoticed and definitely should not be ignored. People need to stop worrying about little things and focus on the big picture. A “big picture” like child abuse. Child abuse can be known as four type’s physical, psychological, sexual, or neglect. There are different kinds of child abuse, which can include sexual harassment, lack of care in their upbringing, and even disrupting their education. TYPES OF ABUSE There are fourteen different kinds of abuse. Each kind of abuse falls under a type of abuse. These types of abuses are physical, psychological (emotional), sexual, and neglect. A kind of physical abuse would be giving a child any lack of care on your part during their upbringing. Psychological abuse has many different kinds, such as using demeaning words that lead to his or her humiliation. Sexual abuse is pretty self-explanatory, such as sexual harassment. The last type of abuse is neglect and this would be if a child didn’t receive the things he/she physically needs. Also, some kinds of abuse could be categorized as more than one type of abuse. For example, racial, social, or economic discrimination could be both neglect and psychological abuse. (Web. 9 May 2016) EMOTINAL ABUSE
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