Childhood Vaccinations And The Immunization Schedule

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A first time parent is researching the benefits of childhood vaccinations and the immunization schedule. But there are some articles that strike concern into the parent; articles claiming vaccinations cause asthma and childhood allergies. And yet articles for the exact opposite, defending the safety of vaccinations. In a world with easy access to all forms of information, both credible and not, how do we evaluate the correlation of vaccines and childhood allergies? The purpose of this article is to identify and evaluate arguments stated by key players in the controversy over the link between allergies and vaccinations.

The purpose of this paper is to identify, develop, and analyze arguments either supporting or criticizing the safety of vaccines. In a world with so many questions and easy to access information, how do we know what information is valid? The importance of this question is emphasized in the safety of childhood vaccines. As a society, we want to know the risks, the rewards, and what could possibly go wrong. After all, these are our children we want to protect. This article focuses on several key players and supporting arguments. In opposition to the safety of vaccines, articles and studies from the Vaccine Risk Awareness Network are brought into play. Emphasis is placed on the article “The Man-Made Peanut Allergy Epidemic: A revealing history of a medical mystery”, by Heather Fraser, which tries to link the use of peanut oil as
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