Childhood Vaccinations Are Key For The Protection Of Children

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Would you ever take away a prime defense from your child? Some parents are doing so without even knowing it. Per Glanz and Daley, “Last year 10 children died in California in the worst whooping cough outbreak to sweep the state since 1947.” (Daley, Glanz, N.p.) These are illnesses that are preventable with vaccinations. Childhood vaccinations are key for the protection of children, the people around them and the prevention of widespread disease. What are vaccines? The Immunization Partnership, in a lighter tone, claims that “vaccines perform a Jedi mind trick on your body.” (TIP Talk!, N.p.) For example, the influenza vaccine contains dead flu virus cells to teach our body how to fight off the flu when a human is exposed to it. This makes it so our body can successfully, or lessen the effects, of the flu if attained. As of 2016, according to Monica with the Pew research center, “Only three states – Mississippi, West Virginia and now California – do not allow religious or personal exemptions to vaccines.” (Anderson, N.p.) The first vaccine was around 1879. It was created by a man known as Louis Pasteur. In a chart provided by, “1879- Louis Pasteur created the first live attenuated bacterial vaccine (chicken cholera)” (Vaccine Timeline, N.p.) Children should be vaccinated to protect them from disabling illnesses a vaccinated child would be immune to. In an interview with Melody, an expert nurse at a hospital located in the downtown Sanford in Fargo. Melody gave me
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