Childhood Vaccinations : Our Shot At A Disease Free World

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Childhood Vaccinations: Our Shot at A Disease Free World The world has many problems. Society has trouble finding adequate protection against the elements, each other, and many other adversities. We cannot fix every problem. We fail to completely survive natural disasters, catastrophes, and even basic problems. We can’t even feed ourselves. However, there is one major problem that mankind is beginning to solve. Vaccines are changing the world. They are becoming vital to our well-being. Vaccinations should mandatorily be administered to all children, especially those in our school system. Vaccines seem like tiny miracles, and they nearly are. The are a end-all solution to a very pressing matter. Vaccine-preventable diseases claim the…show more content…
Vaccinations cost five percent of curing medical expenses. Vaccine are also very effective and efficient. Though they are not perfect, they generally prevent more than ninety percent cases and have been known to completely eradicate disease such as smallpox. Smallpox was eradicated after an outbreak that affected millions. If vaccines are so cheap and effective, why are they so controversial. Vaccines started as penicillin. They were extremely effective and they caught on quickly. Today, however, dozens of stories circulate the internet that claim that immunizations have serious side effects. Some even goes as far as to say that they cause autism. Nevertheless, these stories have little scientific evidence to back them up. They are mostly written by the parents of autistic children who are looking for answers. Many of them are in it for the money won in litigation against the manufacturers. These stories are most likely conspiracies. Even if side effects were able to pass the rigorous testing done by the FDA, no preventative measure is foolproof. Although immunizations have not scientifically been proven to have side effects, there is always the possibility that they do. Even still, most treatments have side effects and we have to accept them. These include birth control, vitamins, stretching, phone cases, and even seat belts. There is nothing that can save all. If it does, it is extremely impractical. Therefore, no birth control is one
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