Childhood Vaccines And Vaccines

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“God gives the cure before the disease”, the Talmud explains that God provides the potential for Human Beings to cure and prevent diseases. I believe that vaccinations for children should be reinforced because unfortunately many childhood diseases do not as yet have a cure but can be prevented and even eradicated by ensuring that young children be inoculated properly.
Throughout history, as the population grew, there have been outbreaks of disease causing many deaths because there were no cures and the diseases were infectious and spread rapidly. We begin our history of vaccines and immunization in the United States with the story of Edward Jenner, a country doctor living in Berkeley who in 1796 performed the first modern vaccination for smallpox, saving his community and many more to come.(why italics) Although the first known vaccines for smallpox are believed to have been used in China in the year 1000 AD, proving that this disease has been in existence for hundreds of years, it is interesting to note that smallpox is now considered eradicated. The last case in the United States was in 1948 and the last case in the world was in Somalia in 1977. Since vaccinations have become more available there have been fewer incidences of disease outbreaks in communities and childhood mortality rates have dropped considerably.(,2015)
Immunization occurs when the body is exposed to a disease and then develops antibodies to this specific disease, when the body is
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