Childhood and Young People Essay

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MU 2.9 1.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people When childcare settings and anyone involved in working with children and young people come together and work in partnership with one another, the outcome can only be a positive one for both the children and young people and those providing a duty of care to a child. Working in partnership with others is important for children and young people so outcomes can be improved for children and their families through a wider range of access of different service providers and there will be more efficiency in delivering these services whilst benefiting all involved. The adults involved in this partnership can be a parent or carer,…show more content…
These can include-
Health visiting team
Children’s services
Jobcentre plus
Preschools and nurseries
Speech and language therapist
Food bank specialist
Parenting Forum
Doctors surgery
Outreach worker
Information services such as money matters
Educational psychologist
Play co-ordinator These people/organisations with different areas of skills and expertise can come from the private sector, voluntary sector, Primary care trusts (PCTs), independent or state sector. Quite often the children’s centre and its staff will play a vital role in bringing these services together so the child or young person and their families get their needs met, improving outcomes for children.
1.3 Define the characteristics of effective partnership working
The characteristics of effective partnership working are as follows-
Clear lines of communication
Maintaining confidentiality
Ensure respect and trust between partners
To share information when needed and pass it on to the relevant people
Listen to each other
Work closely with parents and carer’s
Have an aim that is agreed and understood by all partners
Have clear and effective leadership
Staff should observe, assess and plan to meet all children and young people’s needs, working with parents to ensure this is achieved 1.4 Identify barriers to partnership working
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