Childhood to Adulthood Essay

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Role of Parents and Parenting ------------------------------------------------- Childhood to Adulthood [Author Name] Table of Contents Introduction 3 Literature Review 4 Complex Relationship 4 Role of other external agents 5 Division of role between parents (Mother and Father) 5 Major problems 6 Social Interaction 7 Difference in child personality 7 Discussion and Conclusion 8 References: 11 Introduction We are born as child and then gradually transformed to adults. This transformation, from Childhood to Adulthood is often dependent upon lot of factors, both internal and external. This transformation depends a lot upon the inputs given by parents and family members. Through out the research we have tried…show more content…
In all of our readings we have understood that role of parents is not limited to just provide food and shelter. Parents are there to support their children at every step of their living. The role of parents varies from being playmate to provide moral support to their kids. The role of parents and parenthood in transformation from childhood to adulthood can be best discussed under following headings: - Complex Relationship The relationship between children and parents may appear to be too simple, however from the books one thing that we have understood is that their relationship is far from simple. Parents have to mentor their children at every step of their life. In fact it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is the attitude of parents that decide the future of their kids. The personality of every child is like an open book. Parents and society starts to write on this book, when kids are young they do not oppose what is being written on the book. As they grow old they tend to oppose to certain things. So it is the value given to kids in their childhood that takes them forward. One of the articles gave emphasis on the role played by school, education and parents in the development of children. The author went on to discuss that it is the combine effect of early education in school and parenting done at home
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