Children And Adolescents Experience With Peers

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Children and adolescents’ experience life different ways, whether with family or with peers. The concept of children and adolescents experience with peers is that the children’s interactions with their peers plays a huge role in their development socially. Although this concept is very true and accurate, in some cases, this concept can encounter some issues when applied to everyday situations. Life situations can alter or rearrange the way the concept of children and how they learn from their peers.
The article entitled,”Second Grader Brandon Schlund Is a Standout Student in His School—He 's Also the Only One”, about a child named Brandon Schlund. Brandon was the only child on his entire island, Bois Blanc Island. The article included a number of interviews with the teacher at the school and Brandon’s parents. They all discussed how he was an amazing child and has the ability to do the things equivalent to those of an adult on the island. It also mentioned that he had cousins that lived in a neighboring city, which was a 45 minute ferry ride away. Brandon only interacted with adults on a daily basis, no children whatsoever. Let me explain why we should be concerned with the development of this boy, if this was to continue for years, Brandon would begin to develop one of two ways; Brandon would either have the mentality of a baby or he would begin to have the mentality of an adult. Brandon could develop the mentality of a baby because the adults on the island would be so
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