Children And Children With A Disability

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During the many weeks and months of testing no parents want to hear or believe that their child has been diagnosed with a disability. So many parents want to have what some consider a “normal” child and not have to deal with all the challenges that come in dealing with and taking care special needs children. No parent wants their child to be watched at while in public due to strange behavior or actions, nor should a parent want to exclude their child and keep them sheltered because they are different from other children.
Before the move there many schools that caught my attention, but all of them did not meet my expectations as we toured them before making a final choice. It was my desire to enroll my son in a school where they would focus on him, and not allow his disability to be his excuse. So many times, in the past, there were many teachers and schools that allowed him to be excluded from certain reprimands and teachings because of his diagnosis.
As we have moved from Virginia to North Carolina, I am trying to find the best fit our son, Derrick, who was diagnosed with Autism, high functioning, at the age of 5. Derrick, even though Autistic, is fully capable of doing majority or all things that most “normal” school aged children can do. However, when it comes to Derrick, he needs reinforcement and must operate on a token or reward system which will cause him to behavior more appropriately. His behavior is not intrusive, but just like many children, he will prey on his…
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