Children And Children 's Developmental Outcomes

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The main concepts of this article are based on the ideology that the amount of time mothers spent with children or adolescents matter. Mothers engaged in accessible time and engaged time with their children. Accessible time between child and mother present was not directly participating with child. Engaged time is total participating time the child spent with mother. Children’s developmental outcomes are important in two key forms. Being there and being directly engaged in activities with their children. “Mommy Wars” seemed to be a dispute between homemakers and employed mothers. Homemakers felt employed mothers were being selfish and harming their children by being away from the home to long. Another interesting concept is whether the amount of time mothers spends with children and adolescents impacts their developmental, behavioral, emotional and academic performance. As a mother myself, it’s not easy to live up to the expectations of intensive mothering, especially if the mothers are employed. They have a hard time achieving this ideology. If your there for your children, meaning being accessible it’s considered good mothering. Giving your children hugs, reassurance or answers to questions a definite type of security.
The methodology consists of two waves of data called PSID-CDS. The first wave (W1) of the CDS had at least one child ages 0 to 13. The second wave (W2) was collected in 2002-2003. 82% of the children from W1 participated. Some children were

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