Children And Disabled Students With Disabilities

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There is a numerous amount of disabled children and disabled students around the nation, who are in need of care. Most of them understand that receiving a good education is a key factor of happiness and success. At the same time, the issue of the importance of including disabled students to the schools for normal children is very questionable, and there are quite a few cons and pros.
Have you ever questioned how students with disabilities feel? Have you question why students with disabilities are excluded from classrooms. Not everyone is passionate about bringing students with disabilities into a normal classroom environment. Let 's begin with defining the terms students with disabilities. Students with disabilities mean children or students who require special education because of: autism; communication disorders; emotional disturbances; hearing impairments, specific learning disabilities; traumatic brain injuries; or visual impairments, including blindness. What is inclusion? What is exclusion? Inclusion is defined as the action or state of including or being part of a group or structure. Exclusion is having children with disabilities attend special education institution, that will accommodate their needs. Should students with disabilities be excluded from other non-disabilities classrooms? My belief is students with disabilities and non-disabilities should be in the same environment and learning all together as one.
What benefits will students with disabilities have if
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