Children And Effects Of Domestic Violence

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Children and the Effects of Domestic
Violence in the Home Domestic violence is any behavior of physical, sexual, emotional, or physiological acts or threats that intimidate a person or partner by trying to control or maintain power. Unfortunately, many children experience these harmful acts in the home between family members, all of different ages, ethnicities, and statuses. When thinking about a safe and healthy childhood and environment, what comes to mind? Parents or guardians attending to their children’s needs; a feeling of comfort, feeling loved, a feeling of safety and security, and a place without violence. Today, there are a lot of children who experience domestic violence in the
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This is where other family relatives, teachers, or even family friends may come in. Having these people support them and give them comfort and attention may help them better deal with the situation they are facing. The children should be informed that everything will be fine and that the

CHILDREN AND THE EFFECTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE violence is not because of them or something they did or said. They should know violence in the home can change and can also be ended. According to The Facts on Children and Domestic Violence (2006), “15.5 million U.S. children live in families in which partner violence occurred at least once in the past year, and seven million children live in families in which severe partner violence occurred and the majority of U.S. nonfatal intimate partner victimizations of women (two-thirds) occur at home. Children are the residents of the households experiencing intimate partner violence in 43 percent of incidents involving female victims” (p. 137-142). Basically, most of the violence is directed towards the woman in the house, most likely being the mother of the children. Based on this information, what is known as second hand abuse comes in to play. Children exposed to these behaviors will likely harm themselves or others, they will not learn behavior boundaries, will experience
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