Children And Family Services

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The New York State of Children and Family Services is an organization that was developed by the state government. It is found in the Department of Family Assistance. It has its headquarters at Capital View Office Park in Rensselaer. The New York State of Children and Family Services as an organization was instituted on January 8, 1998, through a program that involved the integration of different programs such as the state Division for Youth and family programs. At its foundation, the agency was being administered by the Department of Social Services. It was also under the administration of the Commission for the Blind and visually handicapped. Its Executive Office is comprised of 6 other offices. These offices are the Office of the…show more content…
The agency seeks to forge partnerships, finance, and offer quality services to the people of New York (Office of Children and Family Services, 2017; Roussos & Fawcett, 2000). Being a state agency, it is endowed with a number of responsibilities that it sets to achieve. First, it aims at improving the merging of services for children, youth, and the vulnerable population in New York. It also seeks to foster development and protection of the mentioned groups from violence, neglect, and abuse. Other than these, The New York State of Children and Family Services offers a system of family support and juvenile justice. It also handles issues regarding child care and welfare. The agency is further responsible for promoting the safety of children and adults. Other than these, the agency is responsible for providing programs and services that promote care, adoption, and adoption assistance. These are programs that make sure that children are protected from mistreatment (Office of Children and Family Services, 2017). Besides these services and programs, the New York State of Children and Family Services offers services for pregnant women and vulnerable adults as well. Besides offering services and programs, the agency is endowed with an oversight responsibility where it monitors and regulates childcare. It also monitors family daycare and child centers both in New York City and anywhere in the Tri-State area. It offers regulation on the exemption from childcare, subsidies
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