Children And Family Social Worker

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Kamryn Hinkle Mrs. Chappell English 10 Honors - 6th Hour 8 February 2016 Children and Family Social Worker The social work field is solely dedicated to the giving back of others. A person in the career must be willing to spend hours working to make differences in clients’ lives. Children and family social work can be a very rewarding profession but yet challenging at times. Employees help others in need, advocate for important causes, and all around make positive impacts in the world. Many people interested in social work have personal motivations from their own lives steering them towards the profession of giving back (Unwinn and Hogg). People who are wanting to make positive changes in the lives of others are attracted to this career (Vu). To be successful, one must have a strong passion for helping others (Campus Explorer). Specific skills required are active listening, speaking, reading comprehension, social perceptiveness, critical thinking, monitoring, and service orientation (Career Info). Workers must know how to handle personal services in order to build and strengthen relationships with clients (Career Info). Knowledge in sociology and anthropology is beneficial to every child and family social worker (Career Info). All social workers in general must have a good understanding of psychology, human behavior, and differences in individuals (Career Info). Therapy and counseling are two major factors that play into this field (Career Info). Workers must know correct
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