Children And Screen Time : Children 's Development

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Children and Screen Time With new technology and advances in education it is no wonder the use of computers, iPads, and other devices are trickling into the daily life of our younger generations. Perhaps these advances could be doing more harm than providing the enriching education parents and schools think they are. There are now elementary schools where every child has their own iPad and middle schools with Chrome Books the students can take home. Even paper textbooks are being replaced with electronic versions. The use of technology moving forward with education needs to be balanced with critical factors involving a child’s development. Children must be separated from constant attachment to screens to properly learn and develop necessary social skills to become adults who are able to interact and communicate. There’s no doubt new electronic learning programs designed for children can be engaging and serve as purposeful learning tools. Although, through research preformed, the real problem could be the amount of time children are spending staring at screens. Interaction and social skills, well known to be essential in child’s development, often stem from play time with friends and exploring outside. Now, with technology being used for even more than intended, babies are being soothed with iPads, phones, and being babysat with TV’s. Exploration and true childlike playfulness is dwindling. Pediatric occupational therapist Chris Rowan states: “As children reach the age of
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