Children And Their Effects On Children

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For hundreds of years, children have been placed in harsh working conditions without any say. Children are often sold and forced to work in sweat shops, out in fields, in mines, some are sold into prostitution and some are in the military. A lot of these children are forced to do these jobs because they need to help their families. Sometimes families will sell their children to do labor because they are in debt. Some might say that working as a child could be beneficial. It teaches them good work ethic and responsibility. It also teaches them how working hard and earning money is a way of living. But in reality, it robs children of their childhood and it delays their social skills and their basic learning skills as well. A child should not have to worry about working or being physically and mentally abused by their supervisors, co-workers or other people at such a young age because they shouldn’t be in a working environment like that. A lot of these children are denied health care, education, nutrition and the protection of their families. This kind of labor for children takes a toll on them and affects them later in life. Child labor has been around since the eighteen hundreds. There are roughly two hundred and eighteen million children who are in the work force today. They range from ages fives years old to seventeen years old. The first form of child labor was believed to be child slavery. As the years went by, different forms of child labor started unraveling such as
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