Children And Their Effects On Children

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Envision a boy sitting in his room listening to his parents yell back and forth. He sits there trembling in the dead of winter because the furnace does not work. This little boy tries so diligently at school and tries so diligently to enjoy every minute of the warm, cozy classroom, surrounded by people that actually care about him. All his life, he has acted like nothing but a hassle and a let down to his parents; he tries so agonizingly for their approval, yet they still do not care. Sadly, too many children go through this when they don’t need to. It’s painless to go around judging people by how they look, and when parents don’t care for their children their appearances will show it. For children, they may think it’s impossible to tell someone that their loved ones are neglecting them. Lawson didn’t live in the finest house or obtain the most impressive parents, but he cared for others. He probably didn’t love going to school because his classmates around him would make fun of him, but that didn’t stop him from happiness. Lawson’s ruthless encounters in his life showed me that I truly am blessed with a family that loves and supports me, even if I irritate them. Lawson grew up about 50 yards from my house. He started coming to my house once his mother started dating Phil; Phil was addicted to drugs. To Lawson, our house acted as a warm, safe place to flee to when he didn’t want to stay at home and listen to Phil and his mom argue. He never made it clear to my brother and
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