Children And Young People With Disabilities

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Since Mary Warnock brought out her report in 1978, numerous changes have happened in the education system, these changes enable children and young people with disabilities to be included within the mainstream school (Moore 2009). Department for Children Schools and Families (2008) state, settings should meet the individual needs of children, as this will help them to achieve their potential. What is more, settings should ensure that they have effective working policies to support children with specific learning difficulties, similarly all children and their families should be supported in their individual learning and care needs. "Inclusion is not optional, children have defined entitlements in this area and settings have legal responsibilities" (Department for Children Schools and Families 2008:p2)
Both settings included in this essay have current policies and procedures that are in line the Equality Act (2010) this states, no discrimination against children and young people because of their sex, race, disability, religion, belief or sexual orientation(see appendix 11for setting A, see appendix 12 for setting B policies and procedures). In addition, regular training courses and meetings are undertaken by both settings, ensuring the Teachers/Practitioners are continuously updated. Both settings have weekly staff meetings that not only discuss the overall running of the setting, but also the progress of individual children 's EHCP, Individual Education Plans (IEP), targets,
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