Children And Young People With Poor Mental Health

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This Leaflet will look at how children and young people with poor mental health, often brought on by bullying do not do as well in education as their fellow students and may drop out as a result. It will also cover the effects and signs that many children and young people exhibit when they are the victim of bullying. The leaflet will also look at policies that are in place to help children and young people that are subjected to bullying and mental health problems, lead a normal school life which will enable them to reach school and life objectives. Nobody wants to hear that their child is being bullied and more often than not children are too ashamed to admit that they being bullied often out of shame of fear of the bully. This leaflet has come up with signs to look for if your child is being bullied, the impact on the child’s mental health and what help and policies are put in place to protect your child or ward under your legal guardianship.
A Child that has been raised in a habitat that is stable will acquire an identity that is filled with confidence as well obtaining high self-esteem. On the other hand, if they become a victim of bullying, feelings of losing of control will impact their emotional state, which will result in their sense of worth being negatively affected. Bullying, more often than not affects everyone involved, such as, those who are bullied, their friends, family, the bullies and those who are witness to the bullying (Stop Bullying.Gov, 2016).
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