Children Are Affected By Child Abuse

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Stetzer 1
Shelby Stetzer
Melissa Hrico
English 101
10 December 2014
Child Abuse 6.3 million children are affected by child abuse each year. Of those 6.3 million children, only 3 million are investigated by child health care services. A report of child abuse is reports every ten seconds (“Child Abuse Statistics and Facts”). When people think of child abuse, many think of it as just physical bruises and broken bones. Although that most definitely is a huge part of child abuse, there are also many different kinds. Children can abused by neglect, sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Children all ages can suffer from child abuse, and the aggressor could be anyone; not just someone closely related to the child. Child abuse has been happening longer then records can hold. Only recently child abuse has started to be seen as a major worldwide issue. Of course, everyone knew child abuse was not acceptable, but just recently we have been able to refer different laws about it, have easy access to report and look up child abuse, and different researches are being done. Although there are still many cases not being brought to the government’s eye, a lot of them are, and it is a good start. The spread of child abuse issues will only help more cases be brought to justice. Stetzer 2 “NCANDS defines neglect as “a type of maltreatment that refers to the failure by the caregiver to provide needed, age-appropriate care although financially able to do so or offered…
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