Children Are Becoming Extremely Spoiled

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Children are being babied way too much. Children are becoming extremely spoiled; to the point of no return. An end needs to be put to this before an inevitable catastrophe occurs! If ever given the chance, it is quite frightening to think about where this generations kids will stand a few years from now, is it not? Something needs to be done.
Our world cannot afford more spoiled children. “A spoiled child is undisciplined, manipulative, and unpleasant to be with much of the time” (Schmitt). With the way our society is now, kids are becoming very spoiled which is forming them to be narcissistic children. Do we really want more people like Donald Trump? For goodness sake, the man believes a loan of one million dollars to be small! Is that what we want? Well if parenting continues the way it is, that’s what society will get. Spoiling will form youngsters into becoming selfish little pampered brats, and pampered children are problematic for parents; as well as for future children, adults, or others they will encounter along the path of their everyday lives in the future. “Spoiled children run into trouble by the time they reach school age. Other children do not like them because they are too bossy and selfish. Adults do not like them because they are rude and make excessive demands. Eventually spoiled children become hard for even parents to love because of their behavior” (Schmitt). This is why it is crucial for our society to make future parents aware of the need of parenting
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