Children Are Being Raised Isn 't The Correct Way?

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How many people have told their child how smart they are? How intelligent they have become because they can distinguish from the color red and the color blue? Many I suppose, because that’s what a good parent says to their kids when they do something good. What if the way some children are being raised isn’t the correct way? By the correct way means with the correct mentality to go on with life, education, and the struggles that they can have in their future. As parents, we want our kids to feel confident with themselves and what they are capable of doing, and becoming the key to that is each parent’s goals. They want their children to feel confident in the society they live in and expect their way of raising them to be the in-between.We live in a society where intelligence is very important so parents should guide their children to a growth mindset. The author Carol S. Dweck analysis the way that children grow with the way their parents raise them and the mentality that they encounter in them. She also analyzes the growth and fixed mindsets in her article “The Secret to raising Smart Kids”. Mr. Thomas continues to give information on further statements that contribute to what Carol S. Dweck wants to state in his article “To Raise Smart and Successful Children, focus on Developing a Work Ethic”. There’s people with different mind sets but the most common ones are the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. This mindset are the ones that most people start getting at a young

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