Children Are More Affected By Poverty

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From 2000 to 2007 the rate of children living in poverty increased to 18% in the United States (Kristin, 2009). Children live in poverty are at an increased rate of risk and negative outcomes. Poverty affects the person 's life and increased die numbers. The children are more affected by poverty problems than adults, which had downsides on their future. Further, one in five children in the United states are from households below the poverty line, and among the most developed nations in the world, the United States ranks second highest in child poverty (UNICEF, 2012). There are several factors affects children engaging in class likewise, health, relationship, and hope.
Health problem is a considerable issue, especially if it will affect our children life and future. Poor people are likely to have diseases and health problem. A study by two prominent neuroscientists suggested that intelligence is linked to health (Gray and Thompson, 2004). Some studies indicate that the health problems affect the attention, memory, and learning skills. A case in point, it is known that the breakfast is an important meal for the body health; so imagine that the poor student does not have this meal, it will affect their health and their class performance .In addition, if they do not remember what they had in class because of poor diet, they will not engage and try to be more activate during the class activities. The food and nutrition Service reports that 53 percent of infants born in the United…
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