Children Are Our Future Society Essay

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Children are our future society

Children are our future society. The question is “How to prepare these generation to think critical, invent something extraordinary or maybe be the next president of The United States?” Piaget said “Teaching means creating situations where structures can be discovered” (Piaget). Educators, during their careers, develop many strategies to teach and nurture a child in an excellent school environment that promotes learning. The class design is a key for the strategies work with precision. Parents and teachers will collect positive results when they work together. All these thoughts come up in my mind when I was observing the classroom of Pre-k4 in the Good Shepherd Day Care, which is the place I work as a Teacher Assistant, as well. The Day Care follow strategies of a positive enforcement, which give the opportunity to the children have a successful academic year. First, the Pre-k4 classroom is a large room which accommodate nineteen children of ages 4 to 5 years. The design of the classroom is compost by Writing Area, Art Area, Manipulative Area, Cozy Area, Library, Science Area, Toys Area, Dramatic Area, Block Area, which it is used for circle time as well. Each area of the classroom promotes social skills development because it has a table for four kids to play, which they can socialize with another child. For example, the teacher pick their names and divide them in group of four and send them to different areas. Also, each area is named

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