Children Are The Face Of The Future

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Children are the face of the future. Holding the world in his or her tiny palms, the most seemingly ordinary child can grow up and become the person who finds the cure for cancer. Children with bright, wide eyes and curious minds can change the world. Aubree Rose Ward, created and born June 29, 2015 was the virtual child that I raised over the course of two - three weeks. Aubree is a child that I believe most parents would be proud to call theirs. Being a parent means making the tough decisions that must be made, usually with the best interest of the child at heart. Aubree was born an underweight baby; she was four weeks premature and spent some time in neonatal care due to having jaundice, but seemed to have no other issues otherwise. After those few days spent in neonatal care, Aubree’s Apgar score increased from the six she was given when she was first born to an eight before she came home. As a newborn, Aubree was a relatively easy baby for the first few months of her life. When she was three months old, Aubree had a difficult time being social. She did not like being around new people or in new situations, so she would cry. Having a piercing cry, the best thing I thought I should do as a parent at this time would be to continue introducing her to many new situations so she would not fall behind socially. She seemed upset at first, but once she began knowing people and forming relationships with people, thing got easier for her. From her reaction to these new
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