Children Are Unique Individuals And Children With Varying Needs

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Children are unique individuals and you should be aware of how to work with a range of children with varying needs. This includes understanding that children will have different dispositions with different ways of playing and learning, and understanding what additional support a child may need from time to time. You will already be aware that some children may be quite outgoing while others are more introverted; some children prefer to be alone while others seek the company of peers. Some children will be very tenacious and spend a lot of time trying to solve a problem while others will give up easily. As an early education and childcare practitioner you should respect and value children as unique, whole individuals who have a right to participate and be consulted about what they want to do and how they like things done. This may mean sitting with a child and gently encouraging or posing questions that help the child to rethink or reconsider what he or she is doing. These strategies sometimes help children to concentrate for longer. You may also find some children favour only one type of play or stay for very long periods at one activity. As you become more experienced, you will learn to use your professional judgement to decide whether this is unusual or undesirable for the child. You will learn techniques that help you gauge accurately the preferences of each child. This, in turn, will help you to plan activities that are appropriate for each child’s age and stage
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