Children, Black, And Free, By Margaret Walker

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Margaret Walker once said, “Handicapped as we have been by a racist system of dehumanizing slavery and segregation, our American history of nearly five hundred years reveals that our cultural and spiritual gifts brought from our African past are still intact” (On Being Female, Black, and Free; Essays by Margaret Walker, 1997). Basically this quote First, I think she goes out of her way to point out the struggles of many African Americans in an elegant and unique way. The dehumanizing of slavery and segregation is something that I believe has happened many times. It’s easy to study these subjects time and time again and become numb to the fact that real people had to suffer through such conditions. We should all remember to use our full range of empathetic emotions when studying and thinking of anyone who has been through racist oppression such as slavery or segregation. Secondly, I think Margaret commends African Americans as she rightly should for being able to hold on to the important cultural and spiritual gifts from old. The era I have chosen is the Middle Passages and early American Slavery (pre-1793). The Middle Passage was apart of the Triangular Trade. Millions of people were shipped from Africa to America, the New World, which is referred to as the Atlantic Slave Trade. North America, Brazil, Spain, England, Portugal, France, and other countries took part in the Atlantic Slave Trade. In the early sixteenth century, the voyage lasted several months, but by the
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