Children Can Experience Prejudice Behaviour And Approaches During Their Young Age

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I have found that recent researches say that children can experience prejudice behaviour and approaches during their young age. I also understand that children’s behaviour are mostly affected through their attitudes, other educators influence and the environment around them (Walker, 2010). I have also enjoyed reading the booklet of Child Inclusive learning and Development Australia Inc (2014) that “a multicultural approach is relevant regardless of whether the children are from diverse cultural backgrounds or not” (child Australia, 2014, p.7). I understand from the above statement that Indigenous approaches are related regardless of whether the children are from indigenous cultural backgrounds or not. I also found to be aware of that before passing on my own personal values and attitudes of indigenous cultural competence to the children through utilizing language, materials, activities, curriculum preferences and my interaction with others during the activity times (child Australia, 2014). Educators’ Guide to the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia states that “Omissions can be just as destructive as stereotypes and inaccurate information” (EYLF Educators guide, 2010, p.11). According to the above statement, I understand that the efficacy of considering my own beliefs, values and attitudes which would help me to hold any bias before introducing the scaffolding related to the Indigenous cultural education. The biases that may affect our relationship are prejudice and
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