Children Dealing with Life and Death

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Most children ponder the thought of what life would be like without their parents. They imagine how amazing and fun a life filled with jokes and no rules would be. Not even having to go to school if you did not want to. Except this is not how life works. When a parent dies and the reality sets in, it quickly shows us that life is not all fun and games. The death of a parent is a devastating reality for any young child to bare. This abrupt reality may have long lasting effects as each child has their own unique way of perceiving life’s events. In the blink of an eye ones world may be completely twisted around. This kind of tragedy has the ability to shape a child in both negative and positive ways. They are now faced with the task of…show more content…
Another type of death is one by tragedy that can be unexpected and can be more devastating than prolonged death in that it occurs suddenly and without notice. More often than not parents die unexpectedly and their children are left behind in a big scary world with no guidelines on how to survive. In part this is because parents do not expect to die while their child or children are still young. Planning ahead for the future can be difficult for parents emotionally as well as culturally and in some cases even financially. Initially when a parent dies it seems as if they have all the support in the world by people who love them. Most people seem to think that after a year or more children should be well adjusted, happy and have made it through their traumatic loss. A child’s perspective may seem different in fact they may feel more alone. A child named Abby had this to say about that topic “The pain got worse! Because the initial shock wears off, people stop coming to your house, and you are left….with yourself” (Simon, Johnson 49). What most people do not realize is that they still are not okay. No one can completely prepare for the unknown when a child loses a parent no one can predict how each child will grieve. The caretaker of the child who is grieving has the responsibility of trying to understand the child’s thoughts or questions. When a child’s parent has died adjusting to a new way of life can be extremely difficult
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