Children During The Industrial Revolution

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Huge numbers of people suffered during the time of Industrialization. People could not be lazy and had to work extremely hard, and those who did not would eventually die or be left in the dust. This was a time when people were beginning to make new incredible inventions and advancements in technology. Also, factories were recently introduced and this created new job openings and opportunities. Unfortunately this all came with a price. People started hiring children to work because they were cheaper and also gave their employees poor, horrible working conditions. Also due to all the job openings, people would flock to the cities till they were overcrowded and this lead to small cramped living spaces. Children suffered immensely because they were paid less and worked just as hard as adults.

Today we have child labor laws, which prohibit the use of children as workers. During the industrial revolution, there was no such thing. You can see in Lewis W. Hine’s photo that a child is dangerously balancing on a milk crate so he can reach the machine. (Lewis W. Hine) Children worked extremely dangerous jobs for very little pay. This boy in the photo could easily fall from where he is balancing and could cut himself open on the machine.
“C: What time did you begin work at the factory? B: When I was six years old” (Testimony on Child Labor in Britain) Children started doing strenuous work at such young ages. Children would often be mentally or physically tormented in life because…
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