Children During the Holocaust

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Of these children, one million of them were Jewish. The Nazis had no good reason to kill them; they only killed these innocent children because Hitler did not care for their race. The Nazis, a forceful, merciless power led by Adolf Hitler brainwashed the country of Germany into believing that Jews and other races were awful. These children bravely fought persecution and avoided death by hiding or receiving help, which makes us remember these people like Anne Frank, but it was not just the Jewish and other races that were in trouble, the German children got into trouble by joining Hitler Youth. Many Jewish people were persecuted and killed during the Holocaust. “They were not allowed to go to most public areas such as the park” (Children and the Holocaust) “ and the Jewish children weren’t allowed to go to the same school with the other German children” (International Institute for Holocaust Research). Many families tried to leave and escape before it became dangerous for Jews to live in German occupied countries, but “lack of money and strict immigration control caused them not to be able to” (Children and the Holocaust). “Some of the lucky families were able to find a hiding place” (International Institute for Holocaust Research), or escape before the Holocaust, but some of the other “families that could not get away were sent to the ghettos or killing camps” (Children…
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