Children From Five Different Countries Essay

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557 children from five different countries (ages 6-10). Researchers gathered information pertaining to childhood TV- violence viewing, identification with aggressive TV characters, aggressive behavior, parents’ socioeconomic status (measured by educational level), parenting practices, and what parents watched on TV (Huesmann, Moise- Titus, Podolski & Eron, 2003). The results showed that children who watched violence on television for many hours while in elementary frequently were displayed higher aggression when they became teenagers. Huesmann, Moise- Titus, Podolski & Eron (2003) also found that participants that viewed a lot of violent television shows at the age of 8 were more likely to engage in criminal acts that break the law.
Researchers have found that children who express defiant, aggressive and explosive behavior by the time they’re in kindergarten is the result of the type of relationship they have with their parents (Stormshak, 2000). Parenting practices seem to have an influence on children’s behavior. There are four styles of parenting but only three appear to affect and damage a child. The first style is an authoritarian parent. This type of parent uses forceful measures to try to enforce proper behavior upon their child which results in the child being angry and resenting them. This form of parenting leads children to be angry, defiant, and lack motivation. The permissive parent is loving and often allows their child to do whatever it is they please, however,
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