Children From Picture Books

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Children like to read picture books. Many different types of books exist, and reading books could influence children. There are many research topics about how picture-book reading affects oral and written skills, or how reading affects parent-child relationship. The article is different from the majority of research that relates to picture books. The research is about how young children transfer information from picture book to real world. Three researchers, Patricia Ganea, Lili Ma, and Judy DeLoache, decided toexperiment on how children learn and transfer biological facts from picture books to real animals(Ganea, Ma, & DeLoache, 2011). They experimented how children learn color camouflage from books, and if they could relate the learned information to the real animal. Their hypothesis is “the use of an anthropomorphic framework to introduce biological facts to children might be helpful, because young children’s reasoning about animals already has an anthropocentric basis”(Ganea, Ma, & DeLoache, 2011).Their goals wereto explores if preschool children are able to learn biological informationandto transfer that information from picture books to real animals, andto examine the effect of different framworks for presenting biological information in books to children(Ganea, Ma, & DeLoache, 2011). This research was conducted by using 104 preschool children age three and four year-olds with an equal number of males and females for each age group. They gathered at a public
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