Children From Their Bad Habits And Enhance Their Good Behaviors

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way to break children from their bad habits and enhance their good behaviors. Nichols (2014), mentions in the intervention section that when a parent addresses their childrens positive behavior with praise or love, it can be almost as effective as money or prizes, these behaviors can enhance the child’s good behavior. (Nichols, 2014).
Cognitive behavioral family therapy has been shown to be the most productive cognitive based therapy types (over child cognitive behavior therapy) in children who are struggling in adolescents or early adolescents. This has been proven to be more effective because during the adolescent life cycle stages, there is the confusion of responsibility and parental involvement. Cognitive based family therapy bring in all members of the family and has them work together in their problems. The family can talk about where they are in their life cycles stages and also the mother can be more involved in the cognitive therapy techniques of her son. This is true in the Diaz family because Mrs. Diaz can be aware of the cognitive techniques that can help her relationship with her son, Ian, as well as her other children (Wood, McLeod, Piacentini, & Sigman, 2009). In terms of the Diaz family, the mother has not been showing as much affection because she has been working a lot more and does not have as much time to spend with the children, especially Ian. Ian might be acting out more because he does not have the attention that he wants from his mother. His…
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