Children In Urban Areas Sociology

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With more than one billion and counting people living in urban surroundings around the world, one could suggest urban areas offer many advantages for children’s advancement and growth. The majority of the world’s children today and in the future will grow up in cities and towns of urban areas where parents expect their children to succeed in stable and nurturing environments. Although an honest concept, children in many urban areas face instability that affects their development and security at some point in their lives. Many children may experience an individual change or with family circumstances. Any negative or positive experience a child has will shape who they are and affect their health, learning and life for a lifetime.
Unfortunately, instability is very common in children living in urban areas today, according to research collected by the Urban Institute. Over
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As with any problem, there are many things wrong with ethnic tensions. The first problem would be people are isolated because of racism. Many diverse people are pushed to live together all the while not wanting to live next to each other because some beliefs and practices disagree with others. In one early example of this situation, a sociologist named Thorsten Sellin (1938), wrote during an era of mass immigration into American cities of people from other countries, said that crime is the result of “culture conflict.” Specifically, he wrote that crime by immigrants is often the result from the conflict of diverse customary ways of thinking and behaving with the standard of American society. As one example, he wrote that a father in New Jersey who had emigrated from Sicily killed a teenage boy who had slept with his daughter. The father was surprised when he was arrested by local police, because in the traditional Sicilian culture a man was permitted and even expected to defend his family’s honor by acting as the father
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