Essay on Children Killing Children

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According to a study by Dr. Suzanne Lego crime has decreased in the past 10 years in all but one area, youth violence. Dr. Lego states that a study conducted by Dr. Joyce Brothers reveals that when a gun in placed on a table in a room where children are playing, and with no one making physical contact with the gun, aggressiveness increases in the level of play. According to Dr. Lego, the same behavior was expressed when a television was tuned to a violent, action packed program (Lego). It is my opinion that this increased level of aggression does not disappear simply because the cause of the aggression has been removed. Rather this aggression remains in the sub-conscience mind waiting for the perfect opportunity to manifest itself in an …show more content…
One of Britain's best-known Roman towns is the latest discovery of remains believed to be a girl between eight and 10 years of age who may have been tied up before she died in before 367 AD. Her burial-place is believed to include evidence of a crime. According to Patricia Birley, director of the Vindolanda Trust, "This definitely looks like a case of foul play. It has been very sad to find a child in this shallow grave under the barrack floor.” (Wainwright). Of course, due to the date of this killing, it may never be known whether the actual killer was another child or a Roman soldier. It may be possible to eventually trace the killing to a particular individual, although unlikely, due to the preservation of written records naming the unit which was stationed at the fort at the time of death. The unit was the Fourth Cohort of Gauls (Wainwright). While the above may eventually establish that children have been killing children for centuries, the facts are evident that child killing is nothing new. There are other, more recent cases, which can be proven to be factual as to the killer being a child. For example, Jesse Pomeroy was only fourteen years old when he murdered a four-year old boy in 1874. Pomeroy had sexually tortured seven other boys 3 years previous to killing the four-year old. For the combination of these crimes, Jesse was sentenced to reform school, but was
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